Welcome to a New Era in Personality Assessment.

Because you're not just a personality type.

Hey there, I'm Will, the creator of Mynd. For years, I've been obsessed with understanding how our minds tick. Now, I want to share that knowledge with you – supercharged with cutting-edge AI. Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery that goes way beyond a simple personality quiz? Let's dive in.

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Our Secret Sauce - What Makes Mynd Different?

  • We Don't Do Labels, We Do You

    Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, Big Five, Attachment Styles – we use them all. But we're not here to slap a label on you and call it a day. We show you how these models blend and interact to shape the unique blueprint of your psyche.

  • AI That Grows With You

    Our AI is like a sponge with a Ph.D. It's constantly learning, evolving, and offering fresh insights as you grow. It's like having a therapist who never forgets a single detail about you – and never needs a coffee break.

  • Strategies Tailored to Your Brain's Wiring

    Forget one-size-fits-all advice. We craft cognitive strategies that actually make sense for your unique mental landscape. It's like having a pocket psychologist who really gets you – because, well, it does.

  • Your Own Personal Growth Squad

    Chat with a team of personalized AI coaches, each with their own expertise. Whether you need a productivity guru, a relationship whisperer, or a mindfulness master, we've got you covered. And they're all fluent in your personal cognitive language.

How This Works

Your Journey With Mynd


The Deep Dive

Your Personal Growth Squad

We kick things off with a comprehensive assessment that's more like a fascinating conversation than a boring quiz. We'll explore your Myers-Briggs type, Enneagram (including those juicy subtypes), Big Five traits, and Attachment Style. But we don't stop at finding your types – we dig into your personal history, life circumstances, goals, and more. It's like speed-dating your own psyche.

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The Grand Synthesis

Your Personal Growth Squad

Once we've gathered all this juicy data, our AI works its magic. You'll receive a personalized assessment that doesn't just list your types, but shows you how they all interact and influence each other. It's like seeing a map of your mind for the first time – complete with all the shortcuts, roadblocks, and hidden treasures.

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Meet Your AI Coaches

Your Personal Growth Squad

This is where things get really exciting. You'll have access to a suite of AI coaches, each with their own personality and area of expertise. Want career advice? Relationship guidance? Help with personal growth? Our coaches are here for you, and they're fluent in your unique cognitive language. It's like having a team of world-class experts in your pocket, minus the ego and hourly rates.

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The Never-Ending Story

Your Personal Growth Squad

The more you interact with Mynd, the more it learns about you. Each conversation with an AI coach, each additional assessment you take, feeds into a constantly evolving understanding of you. It's like having a team of therapists and coaches who never forget a single detail about you – and never get tired of your stories.

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Dive Even Deeper

Your Personal Growth Squad

Ready to explore specific areas of your life? Our deep-dive assessments let you do just that. And because Mynd knows you so well by this point, these assessments are hyper-personalized to your unique situation. It's like having a customized workshop for every aspect of your life.

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Let's Talk AccuracyBecause We're Kind of Obsessed -

Look, I'll be honest – traditional personality tests frustrate me. They're often shallow, rigid, and about as personalized as a horoscope. That's why I created Mynd. Here's how we're different:

  • Depth of Insight: We don't just scratch the surface. Our AI dives deep, capturing nuances that multiple-choice tests miss. It's like comparing a paper airplane to a space shuttle - sure, they both fly, but one's going a lot further.
  • Adaptive Questioning: Our AI adjusts on the fly, digging deeper where needed. It's like a conversation with a really perceptive friend (who happens to be a supercomputer).
  • Holistic Analysis: We don't believe in putting you in a box. We show you how different aspects of your personality interact and influence each other. It's less about finding your "type" and more about mapping your mental ecosystem.
  • Continuous Refinement: The more you use Mynd, the more accurate it becomes. It's like a mirror that gets clearer every time you look into it.

Is it perfect? No. But we're constantly working to make it better, and I believe it's the most comprehensive and accurate personality assessment out there right now. And hey, if you find something better, let me know – I'll probably try to hire them.

Data Privacy - Your Mind is Precious. We Treat It That Way.

I'm going to be blunt here: I hate the idea of companies selling personal data. It feels wrong on so many levels. So here's my pledge to you:

  • Your Data is Yours: Period. We'll never sell it, share it, or use it for anything other than improving your experience. Not even if Zuckerberg himself comes knocking.
  • Top-Notch Security: We're using industry-standard encryption, but I want to go further. I'm actively looking for brilliant minds to help make our security absolutely top-notch. (Seriously, if you're a security expert, let's talk. I'll buy the coffee.)
  • Exploring Decentralization: I'm exploring options like blockchain to decentralize data storage. It's complex, but I believe it's worth it for your privacy. Because your thoughts shouldn't be stored in some tech giant's server farm.
  • Full Control: You have full control. Delete your data anytime, no questions asked. It's your mind, after all.

Is this overkill? Maybe. But your mind is precious, and I want you to feel 100% comfortable exploring it with us. Think of us as the digital equivalent of a Swiss bank vault, but for your thoughts.

Our Offerings - Invest in Your Mind(Without Breaking the Bank) -

I believe everyone should have access to deep self-understanding. But I also need to keep the lights on and the AI running. Here's how we're balancing that:

Cognitive Mastery Package

Your All-Access Pass to Your Mind

Ready to embark on the ultimate journey of self-discovery? Buckle up, because our Cognitive Mastery Package is like strapping a rocket to your self-awareness.


Limited-Time 'Be The First' Offer


(Yeah, we're practically giving away the keys to your psyche)

  • A deep dive into your Myers-Briggs and Enneagram types & subtypes (We're talking submarine-level depth here)
  • A personality assessment so comprehensive, it'll make your high school yearbook look like a sticky note
  • A month to play with all our premium features, including AI coaches
  • Lifetime access to your evolving cognitive profile (Because you're a work in progress, and so is your profile)
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Why the crazy low price? Because we want early adopters like you to experience this game-changing tech and help us fine-tune it. You're not just a customer; you're a pioneer in the next frontier of self-understanding.

Heads up! The early bird discount goes down to 30% on 8/1/2024.

Monthly Growth Plans

Early Adopter Alert: These prices won't stick around forever (we've got LLMs to feed!)

After your first free month, our subscription plans give you ongoing access to our suite of AI-powered coaches & features.

Plan Tiers



For those just starting their journey of self-discovery. Includes limited AI coach interactions. It's like dipping your toes into the ocean of your mind.



Dive deeper with more frequent updates, specialized tools, and more AI coach time. For when you're ready to start swimming in the depths.



For true cognitive connoisseurs. Maximum AI coach access, all the bells, all the whistles. It's like having a submersible to explore the Mariana Trench of your psyche.

Each plan comes with a credit system for AI coach interactions. The more you invest, the more time you get with your personal growth squad.

Deep-Dive Assessments

Alright, this is where things get really exciting. Once you've completed your initial assessment and we've got a good grasp on how your mental gears turn, we're going to offer you a series of specialized deep dives. Think of these as high-powered mental microscopes, each focusing on a different aspect of your life and development.

  • Self-Awareness Mastery. Ever wish you had X-ray vision, but for your own psyche? This is it. We're talking insights so profound, you might want to sit down first.
  • Relationship Dynamics Navigator. Imagine having a GPS for navigating every relationship in your life. No more getting lost in communication dead-ends or emotional traffic jams.
  • Career Alignment and Growth Accelerator. This isn't just about finding a job you like. It's about aligning your career with your cognitive superpowers. We're talking career moves so smart, your future self will high-five you.
  • Emotional Intelligence Enhancer. Think of this as a personal trainer for your EQ. By the end, you'll be doing emotional pull-ups with ease.
  • Decision-Making Mastery. Life is a game of chess, and this assessment is like having a grandmaster whispering moves in your ear. Your decision-making skills will be so sharp, you could split atoms with them.

Each of these assessments is crafted with the same obsessive attention to detail and AI-powered insights as our core profiling. They're not just tests - they're keys to unlocking aspects of yourself you never knew existed. And the best part? The more you use Mynd, the more personalized and powerful these deep dives become.

Founder's Vision - Why I Created Mynd

(And Why It's More Than Just Another App)

Hey, it's Will again. I want to get real with you for a moment.

I've spent years honing a diverse set of skills - from programming complex systems to producing music and videos, from optimizing physical health through bodybuilding to engineering cutting-edge AI solutions. Each of these pursuits has been fascinating and valuable in its own right. But you know what? The most transformative skill I've developed, hands down, is understanding how my own mind works.

Why? Because understanding your mind - truly, deeply understanding it - is like getting the user manual for your own brain. It impacts everything. How you learn, how you relate to others, how you approach challenges, how you experience joy. Everything.

This deep dive into cognitive functions and psychological models hasn't just been personally enlightening - it's supercharged my other skills too. Take AI engineering, for instance. My understanding of human cognition has allowed me to push the boundaries of what's possible with Language Models, creating personalized outputs that are truly mind-blowing. It's like I've found the Rosetta Stone for translating between human thought and artificial intelligence.

But here's the thing: gaining this level of self-awareness typically requires years of study, therapy, and frankly, a level of obsession that most people don't have the time or inclination for. I get it. Not everyone can (or should) spend years diving into cognitive functions and personality models.

That's why I created Mynd. It's not just another personality test or self-help app. It's a tool designed to give you the kind of deep, nuanced self-understanding that I've found so incredibly valuable, but in a fraction of the time and effort it took me to get there.

And it's not just about personal growth (although that's a huge part of it). I genuinely believe that if we could raise the collective self-awareness of humanity, we'd make far wiser choices as a species. As we develop AI systems that may soon surpass us intellectually, our wisdom - our ability to make sound, empathetic, far-sighted decisions - becomes more crucial than ever.

Is Mynd going to solve all the world's problems? Of course not. But if it can help people understand themselves better, if it can foster greater empathy and self-awareness, if it can contribute even a little bit to wiser decision-making... well, that's a vision I'm willing to pour my heart and soul into.

This isn't just a business for me. It's not even just a passion project. It's my attempt to contribute something genuinely meaningful to the world. To take the insights that have been so transformative in my own life and make them accessible to anyone willing to embark on this journey of self-discovery.

So if you're ready to dive deep, to see yourself in a whole new light, to start a journey that could transform not just your life but potentially contribute to a wiser, more self-aware world... well, I'd be honored to be part of that journey with you.

Will, Founder of Mynd

Let's explore your mind together. Who knows? We might just change the world in the process.

- Will, Founder of Mynd

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